The Centro Cirúrgico de Coimbra is a private hospital which provides care in multiple specialties. We started with Ophthalmology, and as our renown in this field grew, we attracted other specialties.

Our installations in the city of Coimbra are designed to enable us to get the best results. Our philosophy of seeing and doing things differently, means that we can do better. It’s the way we work, the way we live.

We are growing in human capital and innovation. Together, we can make a difference to your health.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all who seek our services. Because we are deeply concerned about illness and suffering, we reinvent the best clinical practices.

Our role as leaders in quality in the private healthcare sector of Portugal proves that we do things differently to achieve excellence.

Oneness and wholeness. Life. We seek respect, truth, fairness, integrity, accuracy and efficiency.